Real estate litigators often require the expertise of a forensic accountant when evaluating financial issues. When financial issues arise for developers, brokers, lessors, lessees, owners, buyers, sellers, and financers, Engel & Engel brings to bear significant experience in investigating and analyzing complex real estate accounting issues. Our real estate litigation experience is highlighted with an arbitration award in excess of $100 million in connection with a buy/sell dispute of a commercial shopping center. Overall, Engel & Engel has the qualifications and experience to conduct a forensic analysis that is consistent with established financial principles and able to withstand the scrutiny of the court.

How Engel & Engel Helps Real Estate Litigation Attorneys

When the stakes are high, Engel & Engel can serve as your expert in connection with the following:

  • Investigation with Ownership Issues
  • Investigation of Capital Contribution Issues
  • Analysis of Distributions
  • Investigation of Hidden Distributions
  • Analysis of Shareholder/Partnership Agreements
  • Analysis of Capital Accounts
  • Analysis of Historical Revenues and Expenses
  • Analysis of Loans and Loan proceeds
  • Analysis of Historical Expenses and Hidden Distributions
  • Analysis of Operating Agreements
  • Analysis of Lost Profits and Damages
For additional information about Engel & Engel’s Forensic Accounting Services or a consultation, please contact: Brandon J. Engel, CPA, CFE, 310-277-2220