Finding the facts

“We apply specialized investigatory techniques to separate fact from fiction.”

Financial Sleuths

The complexities of today’s business transactions, combined with the prevalence of computers in business operations, have resulted in a proliferation of accounting and business records. Utilizing specialized investigatory techniques, Engel & Engel, LLP can efficiently and effectively pierce through layers of documents to discover the facts vital to building a convincing case.

Search for the Truth

The truth is often obscured by manipulated and erroneous information buried in volumes of business and accounting records. In conducting our investigations, we apply cutting edge investigatory techniques to separate fact from fiction and reconstruct a truthful picture of the relevant financial events. Thus, we maintain our objectivity throughout the engagement and act as advocates for the truth.

Working smarter, not harder

Meeting the challenges created by daunting stacks of records often requires a pragmatic approach. We eliminate time consuming tasks by utilizing investigatory techniques designed to quickly evaluate the accuracy of information and test analytical theories. By working efficiently, we can dedicate our resources to investigating those avenues critical to the case.

Building a Convincing Case

“Our techniques are powerful analytical tools, enabling us to expose hidden transactions, detect manipulated and erroneous information, and identify inconsistencies contained in relevant business records.”

Specialized Investigatory Techniques

Through years of extensive training and experience, we have developed a myriad of specialized investigatory techniques designed to test and evaluate the integrity of financial and accounting data.

Our techniques are powerful analytical tools, enabling us to expose hidden transactions, detect manipulated and erroneous information, and identify inconsistencies contained in relevant business records. Based on the information we uncover, we can reconstruct a factual history of financial events and pursue critical issues and leads. Our specialized investigatory techniques provide the edge needed to find the facts and build a convincing case.

Attention to Detail

In the course of our investigation, we pour through stacks of records to obtain material facts and information. We are simultaneously alert to seemingly inconsequential transactions, as they will at times be the important clues that lead to hidden financial transgressions. We pay attention to the details without losing sight of the big picture.

Multi-disciplinary Insight

The scope of our forensic accounting expertise extends to accounting, economic damages, business litigation, bankruptcy, business valuation and fraud. Our multi-disciplinary insight gives us the ability to recognize and address the potential implications of the information we uncover. This enables us to quickly identify and focus on all the relevant issues and facts.

Convincing Findings & Opinions

We rigorously scrutinize the business and accounting records obtained in the course of our investigation. After confirming the accuracy of our findings, we perform extensive analytical tests and formulate opinions that are in compliance with accepted accounting and legal principles. In providing our testimony to the court, we are prepared to demonstrate that our findings and opinions are based on verifiable facts and sound technical analysis.

High Quality, Cost Effective Services

“Our strategies are based on practical solutions that achieve cost-effective results.”

High Quality Services

We set high standards for the accuracy and reliability of the information we gather in our investigations. Whether a report, trial exhibit or expert testimony, the high quality of our work demonstrates our expertise and underscores our commitment to presenting findings and opinions that can withstand even the most intense scrutiny of the court.

Cost-Effective Strategies

Our years of specialized training and experience enable us to conduct efficient investigations that keep costs under control. We exercise judgment in the use of our resources and remain focused on obtaining the evidence required to build a convincing case. Our strategies are based on practical solutions that achieve cost-effective results.

Meeting Your Needs

We work tirelessly and persistently to meet deadlines and ensure that your case proceeds according to schedule. Because we know that timing is critical, we promptly return phone calls and are always available to discuss the progress of our work. In addition, we minimize surprises by keeping you informed of developments and costs throughout the engagement.