Financial Sleuths
The complexities of today’s business transactions, combined with the prevalence of computers in business operations, have resulted in a proliferation of accounting and business records. Utilizing specialized investigatory techniques, Engel & Engel, LLP can efficiently and effectively pierce through layers of documents to discover the facts vital to building a convincing case.

Search for the Truth
The truth is often obscured by manipulated and erroneous information buried in volumes of business and accounting records. In conducting our investigations, we apply cutting edge investigatory techniques to separate fact from fiction and reconstruct a truthful picture of the relevant financial events. Thus, we maintain our objectivity throughout the engagement and act as advocates for the truth.

Working smarter, not harder
Meeting the challenges created by daunting stacks of records often requires a pragmatic approach. We eliminate time consuming tasks by utilizing investigatory techniques designed
to quickly evaluate the accuracy of information and test analytical theories. By working efficiently, we can dedicate our resources to investigating those avenues critical to the case.

“We apply specialized investigatory techniques to separate fact from fiction.”

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency

Fraudulent Transfer Analysis
Insolvency Analysis
Preference Analysis
Liquidation Analysis
Plans of Reorganization
Bankruptcy Fraud

Wrongful Termination

Historical Lost Earnings
Projected Lost Earnings
Lost Benefits
Mitigation Analysis

Business Valuation

Corporate Valuation
Minority Shareholder
Mergers & Acquisitions
Net Worth Calculation