Specialized Investigatory Techniques

Through years of extensive training and experience, we have developed a myriad of specialized investigatory techniques designed to test and evaluate the integrity of financial and accounting data.

Our techniques are powerful analytical tools, enabling us to expose hidden transactions, detect manipulated and erroneous information, and identify inconsistencies contained in relevant business records. Based on the information we uncover, we can reconstruct a factual history of financial events and pursue critical issues and leads. Our specialized investigatory techniques provide the edge needed to find the facts and build a convincing case.

Attention to Detail

In the course of our investigation, we pour through stacks of records to obtain material facts and information. We are simultaneously alert to seemingly inconsequential transactions, as they will at times be the important clues that lead to hidden financial transgressions. We pay attention to the details without losing sight of the big picture.

Multi-disciplinary Insight

The scope of our forensic accounting expertise extends to accounting, economic damages, business litigation, bankruptcy, business valuation and fraud. Our multi-disciplinary insight gives us the ability to recognize and address the potential implications of the information we uncover. This enables us to quickly identify and focus on all the relevant issues and facts.

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Company Dissolutions

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