Credibility in the Courtroom
Our credibility on the witness stand is enhanced by our integrity and professional demeanor. The high standards we set for the accuracy and reliability of our findings and opinions are matched only by our standards for honesty and objectivity.
engel & engel forensic accounting services los angeles Our findings and opinions diligently conform to applicable principles and professional standards and are prepared to withstand even the most intense scrutiny of the court. The high quality of our work demonstrates our integrity and enhances our credibility in the courtroom.


Exemplary Credentials and Qualifications
Our exemplary credentials have qualified us to testify as accounting experts in a variety of accounting and financial matters. Our credentials are enhanced by specialized certifications in areas such as accounting, fraud, business evaluation, and bankruptcy.  We remain current with developments in the accounting and legal disciplines through continuous education and the study and research of leading case law.

Convincing Findings & Opinions
We rigorously scrutinize the business and accounting records obtained in the course of our investigation. After confirming the accuracy of our findings, we perform extensive analytical tests and formulate opinions that are in compliance with accepted accounting and legal principles. In providing our testimony to the court, we are prepared to demonstrate that our findings and opinions are based on verifiable facts and sound technical analysis.

High Quality Presentation
Our professional demeanor and exemplary credentials enhance the high quality of our presentation. On the witness stand, we utilize charts and graphs to break complex financial concepts into easily understandable components. Our trial exhibits provide a visual summary of the facts and enable us to explain even the most complex concepts with clarity. By combining a visual summary with our concise and articulate testimony, we are able to reinforce our findings and opinions and ensure that the court comprehends the points we emphasize.



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Marital Dissolutions

Gross Income Available
Business Valuation
Tracing of Funds/Assets
Pereira Calculations
Van Camp Calculations


Billing & Costs
Delay Calculation
Construction Fraud
Revenue & Cost Recognition
Ikley Formula Calculation
Construction Accounting

Infringement Damages

Patent Infringement
Trademark Infringement
Copyright Infringement
Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
Unfair Business Competition


Contract Fraud
Misappropriation of Funds
Securities Fraud
Construction Fraud
Embezzlement Schemes
Criminal & Civil Fraud
Ponzi Schemes
Fraudulent Financials
Misleading Financials
Money Laundering
Bankruptcy Fraud
Tracing of Funds