In today’s highly contentious courtroom, where the stakes can be high, the testimony of an accounting expert will often be vigorously challenged. Engel & Engel, LLP possesses the skills, knowledge and integrity to meet the enormous challenges of the courtroom.

We enter the courtroom armed with evidence obtained in the course of a rigorous investigation. To uncover all the relevant information, we utilize specialized investigatory techniques to probe and analyze data buried in a proliferation of records. Thus, we find the financial evidence needed to build a convincing case.Expert witness forensic accounting services

The credibility of our testimony is enhanced by our exemplary credentials in the areas of accounting, bankruptcy and insolvency, business valuation, economic damages and fraud. Accordingly, we possess multidisciplinary expertise achieved through years of experience and training and can enlighten the court on a variety of financial and accounting matters.

On the witness stand, we present our findings and opinions clearly and concisely. We also utilize charts and graphs to break down complex concepts and ensure that the points we emphasize are understood. As a whole, our presentation is enhanced by our integrity and professional demeanor, giving us the conviction to withstand even the most grueling cross-examination with composure.

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